About Us

brenSound of Course… is a training and discussion hub founded Bren & Nails, a pair of media and beard enthusiasts from Dublin. We worked together in radio for a few brian
years, we both got bored of that job around the same time and move to work in different places full-time but kept working together on the side. Our first venture together was ‘Gremlins in the System’, a comedy sketches based around the cliches of the radio industry. Next we decided to put our skills to use and founded productiongits.com – an audio voice over and production service for podcasters, radio and business, and finally, here we are starting a blog and training website for all things audio related…. what next?? well we’ve officially run out of radio related stuff, perhaps our own talk show

We are very approachable and helpful. Should you want to contact us, be it with a suggestion, a question or advice on the industry, feel free to contact us.

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