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We’re taking a look at the best wifi internet radio receiver available to purchase. This is something everyone should to get involved in!

In around 2008 when my radio listening habits began to change dramatically, here in Ireland FM radio was beginning to become stale and boring, everyone was doing the same thing. I used the internet more and more for listening to radio stations that excited me like BBC 6 Music, KCRW and even Talksport (when transfer deadline day was exciting).

I loved the world that was opened up to me by internet radio, but the limitation was that I could only listen while near a computer. I discovered something that would change everything, wifi internet radio!! It made me feel like I could listen to radio the old fashioned way, but I could listen to any station in the world…. amazing!!

If anyone I knew was buying a radio today, I don’t understand why they wouldn’t get one that incorporated a wireless internet radio receiver (those ones usually have DAB too, and some with an ipod dock). Everyone has broadband / DSL now, so why should we be restricted to listening only to our local radio stations?

What is the Best Wifi Internet Radio Receiver

Here’s a guide to some of the best wifi internet radios I’ve found on the market. When it come to this product it’s a straight up fight between 2 leading brands, Revo and Roberts and I wouldn’t recommend straying away from either of these
best wifi internet radio

Revo SuperConnect – I own the previous incarnation ‘Heritage’ which I purchased about 6 years ago, this is simply an updated release. It comes with everything your music and radio heart desires. It’s a regular FM radio, DAB, DAB+, wifi internet radio, ipod / iphone / ipad connection and streaming portal all rolled into one.

It links to spotify, all podcast services and even your local network for playing audio files stored on your computer. It’s also got a lovely design that fits into any modern decor. I’m picky about my sound but couldn’t knock the quality on this.

The reviews on Amazon which back up my love for this radio, it’s almost unanimous. This is definitely  the best wifi internet radio receiver I have found. However there’s plenty of other good wifi internet radios out there, For me the SuperConnect is great value but you can find some cheaper ones and some more extravagant to suit your needs better. Here’s some other good options that we’ve tried out;
best wifi internet radio
Roberts Radio Stream93i – A solid enough choice, Roberts have been pretty consistent in their production of some of the best wifi internet radios down the years, though I can’t forget buying years ago which was faulty which, me off investing again.

I have tried this one though and the sound quality is really good, the design I wouldn’t be so keen on. Much less features than the SuperConnect as well, but at over £100 cheaper, if you don’t need an ipod / iphone features it’s possibly a better option. I can’t vouch for the lasting power of the SuperConnect though, because I haven’t used any Roberts for long enough.

what is the best wifi internet radio
Revo Axis X3 
 – Another Revo Product, at a much cheaper price than the SuperConnect. It’s got touchscreen and and old fashioned ipod / iphone dock. However the sound is not a patch on the SuperConnect, it might be one of those you’d need to hook up to better speakers. The touchscreen is very finicky as well, there’s nothing worse for me. All in all its basic but will do the job for something you’d only use now and again.

best wifi internet radioRevo Supersystem with Bluetooth – It’s a super version of the SuperConnect!! What can possibly go wrong… It has all the features you could want from a stereo and then some, it’s the future. I’m disappointed revo didn’t keep the old fashioned i-pod docks in their newer incarnations, I do like being able to slot mine in, even just to let it charge.

However, every household needs one impressive stereo system right?? unfortunately I don’t think I could convince my significant other it’s worth the investment for an expensive (£550-600!) and large piece of technology… However, I am doing the lotto tonight, so…


Summary of Wifi Internet Radio

I know I’ll never be without one again but I hope wifi internet radios become more popular in the mainstream, we have endless choices when it comes to TV so why not radio??? I think it’ll force a lot of FM radio stations who are getting away with dated, stale output to up their game.

There seem to be bigger brands coming into the market, Philips released an internet radio just last month. I think there’s a gap in the market for some really cheap versions, with less features. As technology advances I’m sure they’ll get cheaper and we’ll try and get a look and keep you updated on the best wifi internet radio receiver out there.

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3 thoughts on “Best Wifi Internet Radio

  • May 22, 2016 at 12:40 am

    The revo supperconnect seems like it’d be the one for me, has a good balance of performance and cost. Thanks for this infor gonna do a bit more research on the product and will decide if its for me. Great work!

  • June 16, 2016 at 11:09 am

    This article has been very helpful, I am bored of FM radio and find much more choice and variety in online radio, I never thought of getting a wifi radio until reading this. I am so glad now as I will be able to listen to whatever I want at home. Thanks


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