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Distraction Pieces is an interview based podcast presented by the multi talented Scroobius Pip. Musician, poet, actor, radio presenter and seemingly all round good guy David Meads (aka Scroobius Pip) has been hosting his podcast for the guts of 2 years.

Many of the most popular podcasts out there at the moment are 1 on 1 interview based. They rely on a good guest as well as a good presenter to drive the conversation to something that is going to engage the listener. Scroobius Pip does a fantastic job here. He’s a genuine, intelligent, open-minded and positive person.

The guests might not be as A-List as Marc Maron, it’s most often its highly respected and well known individuals within a particular field and not globally recognisable names (John Ronson, Chris Jericho, Stewart Lee, Carl Barat).

Why it’s brilliant is there’s no previous knowledge needed on the guest, Scroobius Pip’s style of asking questions is always to bring the conversation to a very human level, it’s never a fairy tale success story, nor a celebrity / industry love in. The conversations are very much focused on the ups and downs of life and careers, it’s stuff that can be applied to any walk of life. You’ll get lost in the conversation and your guaranteed to come out of it having learned something new, and feeling a little bit more positive about life.

Most recently, he interviewed professional wrestler Will Ospreay… I haven’t been into wrestling for 20 years and I had no idea who he was. However, the story told and the way Scroobius Pip conducted the interview kept me hanging on every word. The fact it was someone from the wrestling industry was irrelevant, it was a somewhat inspiring story on a young man who followed a dream, worked hard and had his ups and downs. Like I mentioned earlier this is not glamorous celebrity stories. Scroobius Pip is great at balancing out success stories by touching on harsh realities, an important reminder that we all have our challenges in life.

My favourite episode and one of my favourite podcasts episodes of recent times is his interview with BlindBoy from Irish comedy duo the Rubberbandits. Being Irish myself, I had preconceptions about what the Rubberbandits were all about… I kinda thought they were not to be taken seriously. This was completely thrown out the window when I sat down and listened to a full on interview of 2 blokes talking the most sense and intelligence I had heard on any broadcast for quite some time. I’m surprised to see this podcast only at sixty something in the Podcast charts. I can only urge you to give it a go:

Podcasts – A New Approach to Interviewing

It’s interesting to think of the amount of popular podcasts that are based around one on one interviews. WTF, Adam Buxton, Jarlath Regan and many many more are racking up thousands of listens on a weekly bases. Ok, it’s an old format, it’s been done on radio and TV for years, but where a podcast differs is the presenter will only choose guests they want, they don’t have to keep an eye on the clock and most of the time the guests have nothing they are looking to promote or sell… so there’s no gain or agenda for the people that choose to go on either. It’s just a good old fashioned casual chinwag with no agenda, no format, no bullshit.

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