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Here begins my podcast reviews for all the podcast junkies. I’ll try to keep these relatively short and to the point, not so much critcal reviews as podcast recommendations. I think we’re entering into a real boom for the podcast as a form of entertainment, it’s kind of like the new pirate radio… honest broadcasting and conversations without an agenda. I love hearing what stuff people are listening to and keeping on top of what’s out there.

CLINTBOONWEB4At the beginning of the year Clint Boon launched his first podcast “Storytime with Boon”.  Clint is a legend of the 80’s / 90’s Manchester music scene, his band Inspiral Carpets were one of the big guns of the Madchester movement along with The Stone Roses, Happy Mondays, New Order, Tony Wilson and The Hacienda club. In recent years he’s also been a radio DJ presenting shows on XFM (now Radio X).

To listen to him for a few minutes you immediately get a sense how passionate he is about music (and life!). He’s rarely self indulgent of his own success, he just comes across as a guy who wants to share good music, good stories and a beer!

Needless to say Clint has an endless amount of stories from this period. It could be described as a podcast version of 24 Hour Party People, if you’ve seen that or documentaries like Blood on the Turntable, you’ll know that this was an the eventful period to say the least. There’s often a bit of a preconception about Madchester, a bunch of lads from council estates given too much money and too many drugs… well, there’s got to be a few stories in that right?

Clint seems to have encountered everyone who’s anyone in the music business from the late 80’s to now. His stories range from a young Noel Gallagher (who used to roadie for the Inspiral Carpets) stealing a drum kit off the back of a van, an embarrassing encounter with Michael Stipe and XFM booking a young unknown kid called Ed “Eddie” Sheeran to play live on the Clint Boon show.

Overall the podcast just has a good vibe to it, it’s not overthought and it’s more than rock n roll “been there, done that, puked on the t-shirt” stories, he’s not affraid to share his musical influences, what he listens to now and his references to his personal life and family (Boon Army!), again just add to the likeability factor.

It’s short and sweet and it’ll make you chuckle, give you some real insight into the most exciting era in British music and make you wanna go have a pint with Clint Boon. A must for music lovers, or if you just appreciate a good story.

Storytime with Boon is available on:

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And if you’re into that and planning a trip to Manchester anytime, I highly recommend Manchester Music Tours, run by another Inspiral Carpet, Craig Gill… absolutely top notch tour, he’s equally likeable and full of stories!

Got a podcast recommendation? let us know!

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