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I felt I ought to write something about one of my favourite Radio series’ in recent times. Radio Comedy is becoming a bit of a dying art, but there’s still some great audio comedy out there for streaming. I’m sure the appetite isn’t as great with TV and downloads offering so much now,  but many of the great comedy stars of the 90’s and 00’s earned their stripes on radio.That Mitchell and Webb sound Buy online

Dermot Morgan - Scrap SaturdayLucas and Walliams broadcast Little Britain as a radio show before it went to TV, the hugely popular ‘That Mitchell and Webb Look‘ was actually an adaptation of That Mitchell and Webb Sound a radio show and finally, Dermot Morgan’s scrap Saturday was a big hit on Irish radio before Father Ted became an institution.

BBC Radio 4 still flys the flag for entertaining radio comedy (and the listen again feature is ideal for catching up on comedy radio online). The Pin (Ben Ashenden and Alex Owen) are a comedy duo from the UK. As with so many new comedians they built up their reputation by entertaining comedy fans at the Edinburgh’s notorious Fringe festival with their original sketch comedy.

Towards the end of last year, The Pin recorded a run of 4 x 15 minute episodes of pure sketch audio comedy for BBC Radio 4. I think we’ve at evolved to listen to audio comedy is much smaller doses over the last 20 years, at 15 minutes each per episode it works perfectly, it’s over before you know it leaving you wanting more.

I wouldn’t want to get into trying to critiquing or analysing the lads’ styling… as I’ll just end up sounding quite pretentious and for me, comedy is either funny or it’s not. This is funny and entertaining audio… that’s all I need say! The sketches range from everyday situations to the slightly more wacky and surreal… but it all works.

There’s about a month left while the streaming audio stays online, so get on it now and enjoy some fantastic free comedy radio online. It’s great listening material for the car or in work. Long live comedy on the radio!!!

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One thought on “Radio Comedy: The Pin

  • May 19, 2016 at 5:51 pm

    The pin, are quite possibly the most laughless thing I’ve listen to in a while!


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